California Department of Education Resources on IEP’s


IDEA Parent Guide (Specifically Chapter 8: Transition)


Think College: College Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities


College & Career Opportunities (



Financial Planning

Special Needs: Financial Planning Today Means Care For Tomorrow


General Resources

Understood: For learning and attention issues




When Your Child Turns 18: A Guide to Special Needs Guardianship



Lanterman Act

Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act


A Consumer’s Guide to The Lanterman Act



Regional Centers

L.A. Parent: How to Access Regional Center Services for Your Child (2014)



Transition to Adulthood

Getting Kids With Special Needs Ready for Adulthood


PEERS Program for Young Adults


ONET Online Searchable Occupation Database


Transition To Adult Services provided by to Adult Services/CA


Kern County Special Education Local Plan Area Transtion Information